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Go Str-Eight! This arpeggio sequence is good for people who are new to sweeping. It will help you to get used to, and develop the technique. Like the Harmonic minor scale the Melodic minor scale is a based on the Aeolian mode. The Aeolian mode, or Natural minor scale is the 6th mode of the Major scale. By raising both the 6th and 7th notes of the minor scale we get Melodic minor.

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They can provide a safe "fall back" option when you're playing on the spot during an improvised solo, or when you simply need to fill out a solo with some tried and tested phrases. The problem is, most guitarists don't know how to learn guitar licks in a truly productive way. That means being able to apply the lick in your own music, in a variety of situations and connect the lick seamlessly to the rest of your solo, wherever you are on the fretboard. So it's about a lot more than simply putting together a cool sequence of notes or transcribing the chops of your favourite guitarist or some guy in a YouTube video. You want to make the lick your own You want to squeeze the most juice possible out of every lick you learn and make your practice time as efficient as possible. Check off the list of points below to make sure you're learning licks in such a way that you can apply them confidently and intuitively in your own music, wherever it may take you

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LickByNeck is an interactive guitar learning software. It displays an onscreen animated guitar fretboard, allowing user to learn the guitar visually. No music notation or TAB reading skill is required
I ran into this site yesterday and it's got a wealth of information. The arrangements are actually quite good and very helpful to a beginning chord-melody player. I think it's great that someone is willing to share these arrangements considering the substantial effort that goes into creating these things. Internet can be such a wonderful thing : The only thing I don't like is the minimal tab view and no ability to print it out. On the other hand this forces you to remember the bars and take them one at a time which is probably a good thing in most cases.
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